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Triple Echo

There Are Many Voices
A Gallery One
Lost Empires: the music halls
Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958
In the Fen Country and Norfolk Rhapsodies
A Song Of The High Hills
Frederick Delius 1862-1934
Along The Downs: The Countryside Collection
Ashley Hutchings 1945-
The English Music Festival
The Proms
By Footpath and Stile
Gerald Finzi 1901 - 1956
English Light Music
Peter Warlock 1894-1930
The Spirit Of England
Sir Edward Elgar 1857-1934
The Spirit Of England. (Opus 80)
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 1875-1912
The Romantic Violin Concerto - 5
Sir Arthur Somervell 1863-1937
A Treasury of English Song
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford 1852-1924
The English Anthem - 8
Percy Whitlock 1903-1946
The Salley Gardens
On Wenlock Edge
Bredon Hill
Roger Quilter 1877 - 1953
Ivor Gurney 1890 - 1937
Songs by Roger Quilter
Severn Meadows
Sir Arthur Bliss 1891-1978
A Knot Of Riddles
Sir Granville Bantock 1868 - 1946
Sappho and Sapphic Poem
Sir Arnold Bax 1883 - 1953
Symphony No. 5 and The Tale the Pine-Trees Knew
Herbert Howells 1892 - 1983
The St. Paul's Service
Coope Boyes and Simpson
Triple Echo
Old Swan Band
Edgar Bainton 1880 - 1956
Orchestral Works Vol 2
Tiger Moth
Show Of Hands
The Path
More English Folk

No Masters Co-operative Limited

Triple Echo
Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams,
George Butterworth and Percy Grainger

No Masters NMCD22 (CD, UK, 2005)

Produced and engineered by John Tams
Recorded at The Bench, Derbyshire
Mixed by Jim Boyes at No Masters
Cover photos and cover design by Val Carman
Layout and artwork by Bryan Ledgard


All vocals Barry Coope, Jim Boyes & Lester Simpson
Track 4 Barry Coope, vocals;
Andy Cutting, diatonic button accordion
Track 8 Lester Simpson, vocals
Track 13, Jim Boyes, vocals;
Jo Freya, saxophone


  1. Bushes and Briars (5:33)
  2. The Ploughboy's Dream (3:21)
  3. New Garden Fields (4:00)
  4. The Cuckoo (3:22)
  5. Ward the Pirate (4:47)
  6. Lovely on the Water (3:54)
  7. The Turtle Dove (2:37)
  8. Riding Down to Portsmouth (2:50)
  9. Riley the Fisherman (4:43)
  10. Lovely Joan (3:03)
  11. Shanties: Santa Anna / Dollar and a 'alf a Day / Storm Along (10:36)
  12. Banks of Green Willow (3:03)
  13. It Hails, It Rains (1:49)
  14. New Christians (3:42)
  15. Horkstow Grange (3:49)

All tracks trad. arr. Coope Boyes & Simpson except
Track 4 trad. arr. Barry Coope and Andy Cutting;
Track 8 trad. arr. Lester Simpson;
Track 13 trad. arr. Jim Boyes and Jo Freya

Triple Echo 2005 [click for larger image]
No Masters NMCD22 2005

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